Disappearing matches

I had 221 matches listed in recents. Now it’s only showing 7. I wanted to see the date I stated shooting a partially club. When I clicked on the 221, it switched to 7!!

I changed my email a few weeks ago. Since the only identifier we have is out email it appears that if you change email, that could result in you losing your match history.

I tried going back to old email, that has not fixed the problem. I would very much like to retrieve my match history. I woiuld like to see something else added to myh profile to prevent this again.

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Take a look at this answer.

Yes, but still lost 214 match history

If you go into your dashboard and over on recent events it says “View All”
You will get this page. Most all your matches are unchosen. You should choose them all if you want them. Non of them are checked meaning non of them will show. :person_shrugging:t2:
This should repair your problem. :+1:t2:

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