Digital Equipment sheet


when using practiscore to score a match there is still an obligatory “Analog” approach for Equipment sheets. An option at registering for a match to create a digital Equipment sheet could be useful. Before stage briefing the RO could just look through the Equipment sheets and confirm them by checking each shooter and clicking “sign”.

Great App and software ! Thank you!

I was kinda wondering when this will be requested…

PS: this feature is relevant mostly for IPSC L3+ matches

PPS: you can still use paper equipment sheets along with PractiScore :sunglasses:

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Most matches where equipment check is relevant is this not done at check in or at the chrono stage? If it is going to be validated at the first stage of the day the RO will have their squad there in front of them and can check their divisions then.
When it’s done at chrono things are checked there…

@djpetrou you are assuming the “most matches” you’ve seen…

For this one you need to get yourself familiar with the IPSC rules and corresponding equipment sheet. This is very different from the things checked at chrono.

For the reference, see picture below. At L3, L4 and L5 IPSC matches this all is being verified by ROs on every stage.

We have most of the info in the app already (except gun make, model and serial). Though I’d consider that data rather sensitive to be entered electronically.

But the main issue is the picture with competitor’s equipment layout on the belt. It need to be entered or picture taken and saved in the app and then distributed/synced to all scoring devices. That all may not be very practical.

Would be simpler to keep the top part on the paper and have competitor carry it around.

Then in the app have a checkbox or RO signature on the scores verification screen, as well as some way to record arbitrary “notifications” about equipment compliance from there. These can be seen on the Notification screen.

Thank you for your answer. There is plenty of data already filled in the practiscore registration. Hopefully we get rid of the paper soon. Looking forward to see it in digital.