Different behavior between browsers

We have a match set up for waitlisting after it closed. On Firefox, " Registration has closed, but sign up to be on the waiting list!"
On Brave, Edge, IE and Chrome " Registration has closed."

https://practiscore.com/2022-immortobot-area-8-delmarva-sectional/register is the link to the match.

Here are two screenshots one from chrome and one from Firefox logged with a non-admin account.
Both of them show the match is closed. The waitlist only works when the match is still open if the match closes early nobody can wait list.
If you are looking at it as an admin you could see something different or if you are looking at a cached browser you will see something different.


Didn’t matter if it was an admin or not. Same response. Non-cached browser, different systems. Phone browsers versus full system browsers are operating differently.
Allow Waitlist after registration closes does not appear to function consistently. We have to reopen the match and change the closure date to get that to work. We have had some registrations work on waitlist, but most are not.

What I’m telling you is if the match closes wait list does not work.
You have to have the match stay open the minute it closes nobody can register anymore. Both of those photos I showed you, one is from chrome and one is from Firefox, the match shows is closed on both.
If you want the waitlist to continue to be open and available you have to change the match closing date.