Differences in the scoring between combined and by division

not sure if its me or just the App . both my phone and club tablets are running Praciscore on both ipad and android. when scores are finalized, when viewed in the match scores by division, the score add up correctly with detailed review. but in combined the scores are different and sometimes the shooter can be in front of another shooter points wise in say production and when viewing in combined the shooters are reversed and scores are not the same. like today my points score was 290.4962 in production class. when viewed in combined my points are listed as 275.5802. even the winner of the combined view wasn’t the highest point scorer in the perspective classes. today 2 shooters both got 385.0000 1 in classic 1 in standard both shooting minor. no one scored higher, but the winner of combined by practiscore scored 367.8538 in production and in the combined view scored 348.1604 and the win ? the 2 shooters who scored 385.0000 should have scored equal 1st place but 1 placed 3rd the other placed 14th when viewed in combined . to me thats a glitch in the system. or is there another reason for this, doesn’t seem right.

Read through this and see if it answers your questions.

Sorry but this is NOT happening on our practiscore APP at the moment and has NOT been scoring that way for some time.
your EG show bob scoring 400.0000 in his catagory as in open , production , what ever. and his score HAS flowed through to the combined view it shows he scored 400.0000 the APP we are using DOES NOT have the score of the highest point score staying the winner . we had 2 shooters score the identical score of 385.0000 , both shooting minor, in different classes, 1 Classic , 1 Standard. yet in combined they showed up as 3rd and 14th and the person listed as the winner of combined was some 20+ points less in his class of production Minor. i can provide a link to the match if requested. there is an issue just not sure what it is.

here is a link to the match.

@Jamie_Farraher What shooters you think don’t look right in that match?

You can’t directly compare match points for shooters between combined results and individual divisions.

If you want to verify the overall standing in combined results - take these shooters, look at their stage points in combined results and add them up. That will be their match points in combined results.

so a shooter that scores 385 points for classic or standard isn’t considered the highest points scorer?
because that was my point. the example given showed the highest points score of 400 in his class was the highest in combined and then everything filtered down from there. highest points =%100
2 shooters scored higher in class than the winner of overall that is what i was asking.
if you look at classic and standard division the top 2 shooters scored MORE than the winner of production but the production winner took overall winner.
if production winner is the highest point scorer why doesn’t the app show that in the division view. ?

@Jamie_Farraher first of all let’s set terminology straight. IPSC matches are separating shooters by divisions. So, officially, Production and Classic divisions are ranked separately for the overall results.

Please refer to the IPSC rule book for detailed description how Hit Factor based scoring works. In short - the stage points are calculated relative to the best Hit Factor (HF) on that stage. When you look at the by-division results, the stage HFs are compared within a given division. But for calculating combined results the best overall HF is used, so your Production and Classic shooters aren’t getting the max stage points anymore.

I leave it to you to do the home work to calculate your own stage points based on HFs from your match, but here how it look side by side:

im not worried about the hit factor Verse score between Nathan and myself. and i understand how the hit factor works. my point has been that Nathans score in production is LESS than Jason Northeys score in classic and also LESS than owens score in standard, all 3 shooting minor PF so how does nathan with a lower score ( points total ) stand as combined winner?
this is not a disgruntled loser asking why i didnt win. nathan beats me weekly.
the point is the highest points total is supposed to be the " 100% " that all is worked from. understand that , but the points for the class is supposed to be the starting point for combined winner. (100% ) to work from. and again not questioning why nathan beat me. but why nathan beat Jason N and Owen Mc who both scored higher…

@Jamie_Farraher you are still missing the important part that stage points in individual division stage results are NOT used to calculate combined stage results. Only hit factor values are used. Essentially combined results are basically the same match as if all competitors are shooting in the same division.

i finally see what i was looking at . and hit factor was higher total. sorry to put you through that.
maybe the score part should only list hit factors instead of points. anyway i get it now.

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