Difference between DNF vs SDQ - Time Plus (Points) matches


I have this situation
The competitor did not show up at the start or was disqualified for the stage
What is the difference between DNF vs SDQ in Time Plus (Points) matches?
What to use, what the abbreviations mean DNF and SDQ?


DNF is Did Not Finish and SDQ is Stage Disqualification.

Usually two of more DNFSDQ’s for the shooter will change to a Match Disqualification.

Adding to that. In the Android app, in all time-based scoring variants app SDQ adds configurable penalty time, and DNF doesn’t. In other words having at least one DNF stage will give shooter an “incomplete” overall results (i.e. no overall time for obvious reason).

Though that is about to change soon and both SDQ and DNF will use same per-stage configured penalty.

It gets fancies with a multi-string stage. E.g. 2nd string could be DNF’ed. So, with the new changes in that case the 1st string will stand as is and 2nd string will get DNF penalty. In the end shooter will get the overall scores.

Also note that changing two SDQs to a match DQ is not an automatic action (mostly because a given scoring tablet may not have all information about all previous SDQs). The MD/stats/RM/RO will have to issue the match DQ. So, generally it is a good practice for ROs to notify MD/RM/stats about new SDQs.

Related question: if a end of match must all shooters have either a time or DNF to successfully uploaded final results.

@Doug_Caldwell what is the question?

The PractiScore apps make no assumption about final-ness of your match results (it is really up to MD/stats to make sure and then declare results final).

Also you can successfully upload partial match results and even encouraged to do so multiple times during a match.

That’s good to know. Sometimes MD forgets to delete no show shooters from match so they are still on tablets during match. Some initial confusion where is the shooter but usually sorted out OK.

The apps provide several tools for MD to verify correctness of the results. There is a “match progress view”, as well as reports and search/filtering options to find incomplete shooters/scores.