Deleting Single Line Text Field From Registration Form

A deleted Single Line Text Field will not go away.

I’ve added a Single Line Text Field to the Registration form and Named it Member Number. For IDPA a Member Number field is automatically added to the registration form so now I have two Member number fields. I delete the Single Line Text Field I added and save the registration form but when I go back into the form the Single Line Text Field is still there. I even tried changing the name of the Single Line Text Field to Junk and delete that but no joy.

How can I get rid of the erroneously added Single Line Text Field?

All fixed on both matches.
It was easier for me to fix them.
I believe you probably have a bunch of caching going on in your browser. All I did was delete the line and then save the form.

Also, Are you cloning your matches???


Hi DJ,

Thanks for the response. I cleared my browser cache, but it did not help still cannot delete fields. Yes, initially I cloned a match but when I encountered this Single Line Text Field not going away, I tried creating a new match.
I think it is related to this being an IDPA match, Practiscore has a statement next to the ‘Member Number’ field which says ‘This is a default field for this matches chosen affiliation - IDPA’. I errored in naming this field ‘Member Number’

I created a new IDPA match and added the Single Line Text Field and named it Member Number, but could not delete it.
I then created a new IDPA match and added the Single Line Text Field but named it TEST 2, not only could I not delete it but after I saved the registration form and then went back to edit it Practiscore added two Member Number fields.

Next I created the test 3 IDPA match, did not add a field to the Registration form, went in to edit the registration form and Practiscore had added a Single Line Text Field labeled Member Number.

So I’m just going to ignore the extraneous fields added by Practiscore, nothing else I try works.

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