Deleting shooters already uploaded

I had 2 no shows at the match yesterday. My score uploader didn’t delete them before uploading the match to

I need to upload to USPSA and I’d rather not pay activity fees for people that didn’t shoot the match. I’ve deleted the two shooters on my master device and re-uploaded, but they still show on the website. The initial upload was from a cell phone at the range if this makes a difference.

Hi Patrick!
Did you keep all the details (besides the shooters) the same?
Can you also post a link to the results in questions as well as the shooters? You can message me them or email them to me at [email protected] if you don’t want to post them here :slight_smile:

@Patrick_Jones you can delete shooters from device and post your results to the PractiScore site again.

You may have to clear your web browser cache after that or use (Ctrl-Refresh) to force the data update before creating uspsa file.

I refreshed the cache and that fixed the problem.

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