Deleted Event, can it be recovered?

An event appears to have been accidentally deleted from our club dashboard. Is there a way to recover it, or find out more about when it was deleted and by whom?

We could look at it if you would share both the clubs name and the match/events name.
Was it an event or a match? They are different.
Also the only people that can delete anything from the club are the club owner or and authorized admins.
Lastly two of the three clubs you are an admin of have had no matches in the last 2ish years. Are they even viable anymore?

The club name is IPSC Alberta. The event name was IPSC Alberta 2022 Ball Caps, or something like that.
We have several folks who are authorized as admins for this club.
We keep the IPSC Alberta Test club in case Practiscore adds new functionality that we would like to test out but not make visible to our membership. I understand we could probably do this with a test match, but we like to keep them separate. I am not the owner of the third club, but it may be used in the future.
Thanks for your response.

Was Ball Caps and “Event” or a “Match”?

It was an event.