Delete a club I am no longer match director for

How do I delete a club I am no longer a match director for?

Hi Jerry!

Is the club gone, or are there other match directors? If you have other match directors, we recommend adding them to the existing club, rather than creating duplicates.
If the club is gone, you can delete it by going to the club-edit club settings-access-delete club.
The access screen is also where you an add other match directors :slight_smile:

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There are other Match directors, the club is not gone. I have been replaced. I am still a Match director for another club.

So you need remove yourself as an admin on the club?

I believe another match director will have to do it for you. They need to go to the access page and hit the red X near your name, and that will remove you.

Do you know if you have been removed from the club in question yet?
I only see you as an admin for Willow Hole Cowboys at this time.

I got Brazosland Pistoleros removed. I am current with Willow Hole. Thanks.

You’re Welcome