Default vs Blank Steel Challenge match help

I believe I understand what the mistake was, but I’m wondering if there is an easy way to fix it.

When I setup the match through the website, I selected “default” which gave me all 8 Steel Challenge classifiers. Thinking I was saving a few steps from using the “blank” category last time, I used the Lock icon and when we shot only the 4 stages we setup were showing.

After uploading the results to Practiscore it’s showing all 8 stages, with 4 we didn’t shoot having no times or data. This is unfortunate, but the bigger issue is trying to submit to SCSA since they see all 8 classifiers. I’m worried it will not only charge for them but submit a “0.00” score for shooters.

I’m not seeing a way to delete the stages from the single tablet (iOS) but if there is a way I think that would save the day! Otherwise, I could post an updated match under “blank”, add the stages and manually enter the times for a reupload I can submit to SCSA?

The match from today -

Thank you!

You should be able to delete stages using swipe left or right on the stage list screen.

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Once the unused matches are deleted he can then rename the stages in the order they shot them, re-upload the scores to Practiscore and it should clear out the empty stages right?

Yes, you can reupload updated scores as many times as you see fit. Though change on the PractiScore website is not instantaneous.

Also I won’t advise renamining steel challenge or any other classifier stages.

Sorry should have explained. Only Changing Stage number in the name should still preserve the classifier?

@Brian_Poynton even so. I don’t recommend editing any stage names for steel challenge matches

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Well that was easy. Swiping gave me the delete option and the app made it even easier to reupload. I appreciate the help and wish you an excellent day!