Data Dictionary for Acronym Definition, Weights, Calculations

Hello, I am just wondering if you could have a data dictionary available for the acronyms on the USPSA overall event scoring page and individual stage scoring page, along with any possible weights. For example: “a = zone with highest amount of points, weights = if(major, weight = 5; minor, weight = 5); b = zone with second highest amount of points, weights = if(major, weight = 4; minor, weight = 3)… n”. Or to simplify these could be two separate txt files, though that doubles the work to maintain.

It would also be great if there was a simple blog post on how to reproduce the calculations shown on the main results page of the event, I think I understand them in theory, but I am not able to reproduce the values from the stage level to the overall event results level. For instance, HF = (Pts / Time) is clear, but then how do I get to the % shown on the overall results level from the stage level (e.g. it is not a simple mean, perhaps weighted?). I am trying to track my progress over time in a spreadsheet, and knowing what I’m tracking and how it’s calculated (and if possible, reproducible) would be great. My goal is to use this to help target training, and get a sense of an optimization point along the curve.

If either of these already exist, please forgive me

Thanks y’all,

@Michael_Gilbert I’d recommend to refer to the corresponding sport’s rule book. There are also number of videos on YouTube explaining the HitFactor scoring and USPSA specifics.