Dashboard - remove withdrawn matches

I would like to no longer see matches that I’ve withdrawn from in my dashboard. Is that possible?

Hello Tony,
When you withdraw, the Match Director will at some point approve your withdrawal and then should remove you from the match. Until you are actually removed your dashboard will show you in the match. After you are removed/deleted from the match your profile should stop following said match.
Hope this gives you a little insight.
D. J.

It would help if it were accurate. I withdrew from a match and received email confirmation on 3/28. I still see that match and one other that I’ve withdrawn from in my dashboard.

It does accurately show you listed as withdrawn from the match. As policy we don’t modify match information unless the match director asks us for help. You will have to reach out to the MD and ask to be deleted from the match. If you don’t know how to contact the MD let us know and we will help.


You mentioned that the match results show that Tony is withdrawn from the match. Couldn’t you use that data to filter the search results for “Recent Events”? (This is assuming that there is no static list and the lookup is performed upon loading the dashboard page.) No need to modify the match data but I guess it would add overhead to your search routine.

Just a thought,