Dashboard > Calendar > signed up event does not take you to details

When I go to my dashboard and look at my calendar, clicking on an event I signed up for does not take me to details and instead takes me to “Clubs”. There is even the main match signup link and my personal link, but neither take me to match details after I sign up. This doesn’t really make much sense; I’d expect it to go to the match details.

You should use the Match management link that is emailed to you after you register for a match to get to anything match related for your registration.
If you are looking for extra info based on what the match registration page say I would try there.

It would be more intuitive to change the calendar link to the dashboard link - the personal match management on my dashboard works fine, but if I am already at the calendar and want to see the address or something, it would be far easier if this link was redirected.