Customize power factor in the registration form to only allow minor scoring

I’m doing a beginner Hit Factor match and to simplify things I only want minor scoring. Is this currently possible?

You can create/add a power factor section on the registration form and instead of putting major and minor as options, just put minor and make sure the selection field/dot is on the minor so it will default to minor.

The Power Factor field name is a reserved name by Practiscore so it won’t let you save the changes.

You can check off/disable the power factor section that is automatically on the registration form and just add a separate single selection item for minor power factor.

Even after disabling the Power Factor section, it still gives me the “Field name is reserved by Practiscore” error and doesn’t let me save.

I just unclicked the “enable” section and saved it for your match and it worked fine.

Here’s a video of what’s happening:

It doesn’t work adding in a separate power factor line to the registration. I suggest instead of using the pin# to import the registration data, you could use the “export to practiscore” and put everyone’s power factor as minor if you’re so worried about people not being able to select minor like you have stated under the power factor section.

I remember when the Power Factor field was editable. Don’t know why that changed, but it’s inconvenient.

It’s a required field for USPSA, hit factor, and a few others due to how scoring is done using power factor. I don’t remember a time that it was editable using one of those match types.

Area 59 club, monthly Open Carry Challenge matches, the power factor had only minor available as a selection on the registration page. We’ve been doing them since October of 2018.

I just pulled scores for a few of the Open Carry Challenge matches and they have major and minor in them since they were listed as “USPSA Level I” matches.

Just because minor was only offered as an option doesn’t mean that is was editable.
It means that the major option was removed. There are a number of ways to do it.
I’m interested why if you are doing a beginner match you would make the scoring more difficult. I would think you would run with major power scoring.

The scoring will have it because the app allows Power Factor no matter what. The registration page on the practiscore website only had the minor option available. If there’s a way to disallow selection of major, I’d like to know.

As for why we chose minor, most brand new folks came in with 9mm minor guns anyway so when they transitioned to real USPSA (that’s the goal after all) their scoring wouldn’t change.

I checked registration forms for the last 5 matches and all of the registration forms had major and minor on them as this is a required filled for USPSA matches.

Ah, I forgot you have to go back pre-covid. They changed the format to a USPSA match with with the OCC divisions tacked on to give shooters more chances to get into a match because of the decreased squad sizes.

We’ll that’s interesting, the only division listed is Production, but I do remember there being other options after Carry Optics came around. I wonder if division name has something to do with it.

Which app are you referring to? And what match type/template?

If match doesn’t have any “major” divisions enabled you should not be able to select the major PF in the app.

It was USPSA template, it would add all the divisions alongside any custom ones when you downloaded the registration info. I personally switched to Hit Factor in my other outlaw match to avoid this.

Open Carry Challenge used the USPSA template so that’s probably why some guys ended up with major scoring. Someone added a walk-on to the pad without changing the power factor from the default major to minor. I saw that happen a few times.

We kinda went on a tangent there. I just wanted to know if I could do minor only divisions in Hit Factor. If not, I’ll figure it out.

Email your match pin# used to import at [email protected] - I will verify what divisions are being sent from the web site.

It may also depend if you imported your pin# to ios or to Android device.

Also note that you can edit your match divisions and remove divisions you don’t want in the match after getting your match on the tablet.

The default USPSA match template is configured to not allow Major PF in all minor divisions. So, I’m somewhat confused about your statement regarding selecting Major PF.