Custom Classifier & Custom Classes?

Let’s say I wanted to do a match with 3 classes. Professional / Mid Tier / and Amateur.

So everyone shows up, they don’t know what class they are since it’s “new” ish.

Is the App able to let me made a match in either USPSA, or HF, or PD, or IDPA and set one of the stages as a classifier, and then let me set time or HF scores as breakpoints between the 3custom classes? and report that out at match results for all the stages?

@Philip_Cathell in short no.

Each shooting sport organization has its own set of rules how classification is calculated and we are not trying to replicate that.

Since the idpa 5x5 reports what class a score falls under, it seems the function could be there if there was a way to custom define those values.

Oh well.

@Philip_Cathell the PractiScore Competitor app does show the class-ranking for the match or classifier results for competitor’s information.

However for all official classification purposes, the match results need to be sent to the shooting org. Calculating and maintaining member’s classification goes well beyond of the scope of scoring apps.