Created two matches from one cannot upload results without overwriting the first

With half our berms under snow, we shot half the steel challenge twice. In order to keep track of runs, I downloaded the match on two masters basically creating two matches. This was to enable easier uploading to Steel Challenge for stats on these four stages. I changed the date on one and gave each a unique title, but when I upload the second set, it overwrites the results of the first. Uploading the first again overwrites the second. Was there something I could do to get both to post to Practiscore or does it keep some other source data that is making Practiscore see these as the same match?

When you downloaded the PIN twice you basically created two matches downloaded the same match on multiple devices. Each match has an internal Unique ID number. So you are basically posting one over the top of the other.

What you should have done was to clone one of the matches after downloading to your master tablet. The clone creates an new match with a new unique ID. You can edit cloned match name.

But, you can still do that. Clone the one that is not on the website at this time, with the shooters and scores. Make sure it has the different name, then post it. You should see a second match show up. As long as you haven’t tried to sync then together you should be fine.