Cowboy/Wild Bunch Alias recall on Ap

I know some of this was discussed in Aug. On the app can we make the default recall using alias’ and not first or last name. I do add them on the app and it remembers the shooter. I don’t always remember their first and last names, just alias. When I start to type in the alias it would be nice to have a list come up with all the shooters with that spelling based off alias. It does do it now with first name or last just not alias.

That’s a good idea, we will put it on the list for the developers to look at sometime in 2021. :+1:t2:

By the way, If you are using PS for registration then most all your shooters would be loaded when you pull registration from the web site. Then it would be easier!

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I am new to this discussion and setting up online registration for Cowboy matches. I am sorry if I am repeating something already discussed. We have been using PS app for match day walk up registration and scoring CAS matches for a year. It works great after you figure out a few things. For 2021 we are planning to start offering online registration. I was running a test of the online registration and noticed a couple of things that should be changed to help with Cowboy match registration. But first we need to understand a couple of things about cowboy matches that are totally different than other types of matches. #1 and the biggest thing is No-one knows anyone by their real name. We have men and women who have been shooting together for 20 years and they only know each other by their Alias. Often times we learn the real name of someone from a family member who lets us know that a cowboy or cowgirl is sick or has passed away. All alias’s are registered with the Single Action Shooting Society. This keeps an alias from being used more than once on the national level. Anyhow back to the online registration issue I spotted today. Whenever you register online for a match it lists you on the squad by your real name. The problem with that is no one knows each other by their real name and don’t know who they are going to be shooting with. Please correct that to show alias. The shooters will want to see alias’s when they go to select their squad. Which leads me to the second change. It’s not nearly important as the alias thing. Cowboy matches refer to squads as posse.

Welcome to the Community,
We understand how cowboy uses the alias’s. Please understand that all Practiscore accounts must start with and be registered with a persons real name and info.
Adding an Alias is something that has been ongoing and looked at. It is currently there in a roundabout way but the system always defaults to a persons registered name at this time.
We can also put the “Posse” name on the list.
We will continue to look into these ideas when the development team has moved on from current projects.
Hopefully we will have access to development time in the coming year. :crossed_fingers:t2:


Thanks for the quick reply. I’m all for the way the registration is set up asking for real name and alias. But just to be clear all I’m asking is that when the shooter selects a Squad/Posse that it show up as their Alias and not real name. If this can be done I think more CAS clubs will make the switch to online registration.
Def Willie