Couple suggestions for the "Review" screen

The first is somewhat in jest - but not really. I would like to petition for a change in the button label from “Approve” to “Accept”. It’s a running joke in our club that “I definitely don’t approve of those results, but I accept that they are a clear and accurate record of my actions.”

More seriously though, we have a problem with people just tapping “Approve” instead of really looking - just like pencil-whipping paper score sheets back in the before-times. Especially on stages the shooter did really well, or really poorly on, they often don’t really stop and double check the score.

In addition to the “enable signature” option, I’d like to see an option to force the shooter to re-enter either the raw time, the points down, penalties, or the total score - depending, of course, on the discipline and what’s shown on the review screen, just a random selection of one of the items to force them to actually take a second and look and register at least that much. By randomly changing the required selection each time, it should help prevent just parroting the required data and encourage them to double check the record.

Thanks for all you guys do!

Thanks for your ideas.
I’m moving this to the Ideas section to be included on “The List”

One of the problems with any "approval button, signature, etc. is that more stuff slows down matches. (which we never want to do) and the reality is no matter what button, signature, etc you add (the sig pad started at USPSA Nats a few years ago, was tried and discarded) someone will always say "I didn’t press/sign it… :man_shrugging:

I’m with D.J. on this. If its a beautiful day or your hot and tired or cold and wet most people just want to keep moving. I’ve seen it for a lot of years. If a shooter doesn’t care enough to take the time to check they are just shooting for fun.

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