Corrected match

Can we upload a corrected match two days later?

You sure can! You can do it a week later as long as you’re uploading it from the original match it will just overwrite and correct whatever changes you needed to make. :+1: :+1:

Ok, we know you can make corrections. BUT how??? I have searched and searched. thanks for a link to how to. made the corrections on my master but it will not let me upload scores to ???

@Match_Director what error you are getting when you are trying to submit your changed scores?

All I need to change is a shooters USPSA #
I change it on my master tablet but it will not give me the normal link to upload to

@Match_Director when you go to the “View Results” section, from the main page, you do not see this?
If not, can you screenshot the screen and post it?

BTW, you may not see that if match has no scores. So, there is nothing to post.

D. J. Petrou
Thank you! I found it and it worked. Now just waiting for USPSA to do there update next week.
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