Copy squad sorting order from master


The squad sort order is not copyed from master to the operating devices. Is it possible to create an option for it?

For example if stage 3 device have random order selected for shooters and every other devices have selected “none” order, then the stage 3 is not rightly included to the squad rotation… the correct rotation should be, shooter 1 starts stage 1, shooter 2 starts stage 2… etc.

If the squad sort order is copyed from master device, this issue would not be an issue.


Hi Janne! Each tablet can be set to different options. If the match director presets all the scoring tablets to sort a certain way, then it will work. The range officers would have to run the order properly for it to run the order correctly.

Yep, i know this. But it would be awesom if this setting could be also copied from master device. I dunno how many stages ppl have, but we have, in next match 12 stages that is ongoing at the same time. This means atleast 12 devices that need to be configured.

Maybe 12 stages/12 devices is not much, but still if you have to configure manually all the devices, its kind of unnecassary work. :slight_smile:

I will share this idea with our developers and see if they can do something about it down the road. :slight_smile:

Thx alot Jalise_Williams. :slight_smile:

We run 12+ tablets all the time. Part of this includes updating tablets to the newest version of the App. I Always do it before an big match. This would be the time to set up any sort order you might prefer. Going through 10, 12, 16 tablets is part of the prep work. I also always make sure they are syncing well with the master via the hotspot I will use at the match.
It makes things run much smoother.

Yep, i also go trough all tabs that we need, in bigger matches and configure them.
But still it is unnecessary work, if the option could be to configure just one (master)device and then upload master data to slave devices.(with all data that you can configurate)