Complex searching for matches or competitors in Competitor app

Are there any advanced search controls when searching for match results or competitors in the Competitor app (not searching within the existing match, but searching all match results)? For example, my club is DSSA. When I search (Android app) for DSSA in the Search Match function, it returns results for matches with DSSA in the name, but also with matches with DSS in the name. Is there functionality to search for an exact string, such as “DSSA” to find the exact match? Also, is there the ability to search using logical functions, such as AND and OR, to search for a specific shooter number AND a specific match?

@Bill_Jackson not really.

Generally search by the match name is working similar to the website match search and uses the same backend. Matching on “DSS” is most likely part of the “fuzzy” search on backend (e.g. it is trying to fix mistyped words).

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