Competitor APP , Edits

Will the app show reason and timestamps for Edits, Keep cheaters at bay??


The scores won’t show the reason the scores got changed but there should be time stamps.

on the Competitor app and cannot see anything other than the token showing the number of edits

Oh, it doesn’t show the edit information in the competitor app. It will show on the website.

@Jalise_Williams not true. The “Stage Info” or “Scores History” menu in the PractiScore Competitor app does show reason for edits and all edits with the time stamps and device where edit happen. Generally it shows more than web site does.

Though when scores are edited, the Android app records more info than iOS app. Admittedly - most of the time when you see no additional notes that is a plain “correction” - either legit or malicious. You can see the times and decide if edits are suspicious or not.

Where can i find the "stage info or Scores History " in Comp App
great app by the way

@Rod_McLean see the stage entry menu on comparison screen.

If you are using iOS - the menu is either a long tap on the entry or a swipe left and then “More” action.

Got it thank you guys!!