Como puedo ver en la app ios la verificación por tirador

Hello friends, my name is Victor. I would like to know how I can see the verification by shooter of each of the stages in the iOS app. Thank you very much

Hello Victor,
What do you mean by “verification”?
That the shooter has completed each stage? that the match is complete?

I mean when each shooter finishes the match and can check his performance at every stage he shot. Or they can also see their results at each stage in real time. If they can be verifying their alpha, Charly, delta, their times, etc.
Sorry for my typing mistakes in English, I’m from Argentina. Thanks since now.

You can periodically post results to PractiScore web site. There is an option to post verifications only. Then competitors can verify it online.

Right now there is no by shooter verification reports. There is a report by stage. Both on web site and in the apps.

Also, if your scoring devices have internet access and they all are ios you can enable score logging option in match setting and then score receipts will be emailed to competitors and also can be viewed on yhe score log website. Support for this for Android will be added in the future.