Comments on Edits

Wondering if there’s a way to add a comment on an edit. Rather than a generic “reshoot” or something, perhaps a text field to add the reason for the reshoot or edit. Like a target failure or mulligan.

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Its an idea we can look into.
The general consensus seems to be that it would slow the match down unnecessarily. Slow matches are one of the biggest issues in club shooting. Similar to a 5+ hour round of golf.

Since edits have been a hot topic I want to keep the thread moving to answer the many questions we get. We’ll be adding to this thread showing things like what edits look like in the device and how you can see edits. Edits are a normal part of matches and by keeping everything transparent they are there for all to see. Keep an eye on the thread, we will be adding information and answering questions.

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The first biggest Edit example that comes to mind is when a shooter is up to shoot. The scorer opens the guys scoring window then closes it for any reason.
Say the shooter isn’t ready…the stats guy decides to look at something else while he is waiting, etc.
The scoring window for that shooter has opened and then closed. When the scorer goes back to enter scores he does it through the edit window thus creating an edit.
Simple and happens often…

@djpetrou just opening scoring screen and then closing it without making changes - is not an edit, especially when competitor didn’t have any scores. The PractiScore app for Android ignores that interaction.

This is how edits are shown on Android (don’t think iOS app has this yet):

All regular edits are happening under “Correction” choice and all options except “Correction” do get reason for edits in the scores history (you see it next to device name in there).

So, a few months back I had asked on Facebook for possible reasons to make edits.

Besides selection for reshoot reasons (and those are specific for sport/rules) the only suggestion that we’ve got out of that discussion is “Ruling”.

Basically the main difference is that correction is something RO noticed right after saving scores (many matches don’t follow strict procedure with competitor approving/tapping Save for their scores). The “Ruling” option is usually happens at somewhat later time after having RM or Arbitration Committee overruling that given scoring call. But there wasn’t strong need for the “Ruling” option (and those edits no one is taking as problematic anyways), so nothing been done about it.

Generally a free-form text notes aren’t very helpful. Simply because ROs are having hard time typing anything when time is pressing. We have those free-form notes on DQ screen and we almost never ever see people entering anything in there and often they don’t even select the right DQ rules either when they are available for the sport, e.g. IPSC, USPSA.