Combining a day match & night match with same competitors but different divisions

I am a match director of a competition that essentially has two different matches combined into one (a daylight followed into a series of night stages) with a time plus points % scoring format. The two matches have the same competitors but different divisions (daytime has elite, intermediate, masters etc) and nighttime has (nvg & white light). I am attempting to find out through research if the android tablets running practiscore can sucessfully combine the two matches into one for a master score by syncing through the competitors and not divisions specifically.

I have tried dummy matches where I attempt to kept it at 1 match for all the stages and use “classes” to assign nvg or white light to the competitors. Unfortunately it doesn’t appear that practiscore will score % based off classes (so white light shooters are getting a % off other white light shooters and not whoever has the lowest time overall amongst all shooters). So unless I am missing something it appears I need to create 2 separate matches to score amongst divisions and merge the matches at the end.

@Matt_Bergen what exactly are you trying to achieve when “two matches” having different set of divisions each?

You can run ANY two matches and then aggregate them into a series/tournament results, grouping by competitor names or emails and ignore divisions in the series match.

why don’t you start by explaining to us what your goals are, how you want to score the matches and what kind of different results you want available. We will be able to then take that and think it through and see if there’s a match type that will work for you.