Combined vs by-division results

not sure if its me or just the App for android. both my phone and club tablets are running Praciscore on both ipad and android. when scores are finalized, when viewed in the match scores by division, the score add up correctly with detailed review. but in combined the scores are different and sometimes the shooter can be in front of another shooter points wise in say production and when viewing in combined the shooters are reversed and scored are not the same. like today my points score was 290.4962 in production class. when viewed in combined my points are listed as 275.5802. even the winner of the combined view wasn’t the highest point scorer in the perspective classes. today 2 shooters both got 385.0000 1 in classic 1 in standard both shooting minor. no one scored higher, but the winner of combined by practiscore scored 367.8538 in production and in the combined view scored 348.1604 and the win ? the 2 shooters who scored 385.0000 should have scored equal 1st place but 1 placed 3rd the other placed 14th when viewed in combined . to me thats a glitch in the system. or is there another reason for this, doesn’t seem right.

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