Combined lady/men stage win report

When I pull an award report by division it lists stage winners by Men and Ladies. It would be extremely helpful for some matches that pay awards based on stage wins to see a combined Men/Lady stage win report.

I would pay money to have this feature added.

If you can be more specific with the club name and a match name we can review your questions. We need to know what match type, what scoring type and an actual match you have questions about so we can help.

Edit: If you are talking about the Dragon Cup, That is an official USPSA Awards report and I would suggest that USPSA would need to request changes be made to that report.
(if you really want say the top 3 “people” in a division you could look at the L3 report, it shows the top 3 overall) That might be what you need.

Club is WT13, match type is USPSA. Match is Dragons Cup 2.0.

In IOS if I go to award reports and choose a division it has “lady stage winners” and “men stage winners”. A list of stage winners regardless of gender would have saved me a lot of time. Thank you!

See my edit above.

You can also see the division overalls on the posted results in the website. Just choose PCC and you will see Justine in 2nd place.

What I really need is to be able to quickly see the list of all stage winners per division in a single report. Having to view each stage by stage, division by division is very time-consuming when you are trying to get awards out quickly after a match.

Stage 1 - shooter x
Stage 2 - shooter y

Stage 1 - shooter x
Stage 2 - Shooter y

Something else that would be extremely helpful is the option to customize the awards reports for the match in the match setup. Say you are going to recognize divisions of 10+ and pay class awards for 1st place to 10 shooters, 2nd place to 15 shooters and 3rd place to 20+ shooters per class. It would be cool if in the match setup you could set those options so the awards report was custom to your needs. Would make getting out awards at the end of the match quicker for us.

Thanks for your thoughts and input.
We will keep it all in mind when discussing the Web and Scoring version of Practiscore 2.0.