Club page and match registration page keep crashing about half of the pageloads

This club page ( is unstable. Sometimes it loads, and sometimes it shows “something went wrong error”. I tried a different club; it seems to be working correctly… Is there a way to debug it?

You are all fixed. The system doesn’t like the Kyiv time zone from google when it should be Kiev

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Screenshot 2024-05-13 at 20.09.30|690x487
still see the error :frowning:

I tried to refresh the page several times just now…
Is it possible that it’s due to some caching and that it takes time to invalidate on several edge locations?

Also, I just tried to change the timezone to something completely different – Istambul. But it does not solve the issue :frowning:

I had the webmaster fix it. ie. (You are all fixed)
It’s probably broken again.
I just put it back to Rome as the Webmaster did.

You also need to clear your browser cache and start again.

@D.J.Petrou, I did everything you said, but I still have the issue.
Also, some people are trying to sign up for two private matches. They get the same behaviour. About half of the time, the registration page shows an error. I assume that these errors are related, because I tried to create a test match on the different club page (one that works without errors) and the registration page works fine…

Also, I just installed a different browser (firefox). It’s completely clean, no configuration is imported from Chrome. It behaves the same :frowning: