Club not set up to take online payments

I have our club set up to take online payments through Stripe and it’s working properly for the match, but we also have a training event where the shooters have a custom price. The Event page says that the Club is not set up to take online payments and to click here to set it up.

I went through the process several times and it allows us to proceed and says that our club has successfully connected, but when I go back to that page, it still has the same message that we are not set up. Students for that class are unable to pay the fee online.

It works properly for the match, but not the event under the same club and payment setup.


The Stripe payment system does not work in Events.
Events was added more for things that clubs did that did not need payment for. Registration for the picnic, Registration for a free class, etc.
You can still use the match section for a paid training class. You just don’t post any results.

Thanks for the information. I’ll re-create this as a match.