Club name in 'SCSA upload' form

When using the ‘SCSA Upload’ feature, the club name field is blank on the form. Would it be possible to automatically fill this field with the name of the club associated with the match results?

  • Paul

Are you posting it from the website or using the app?

From the website. I’m clicking the ‘SCSA Upload’ button on the match results page.

  • Paul

At this time no, it is not automatic.
We will discuss it in a meeting this week but for the near future and as has been done since the addition of the upload add on, you will need to add the club name.
Besides you need the club name to be what your SCSA club is which is not necessarily What the Practiscore club name is.

If I’m not mistaken, for USPSA matches the form takes club name from the uploaded match results.

The club name (and code) could be originating from the match registration downloaded using pin# or edited in the match settings in the app and then optionally amended on the results posting screen in the app.

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