Club Name Change

I need to change the name of a club to drop a sport that may or may not be run seperately

Bench Rest Rifle Club IDPA and 3Gun

needs to be

Bench Rest Rifle Club IDPA

Do I need to Create a new club and import history or can you guys make the change for me?

I can get the name changed for you but the 4 matches you already have setup on your club page will no longer be in effect. You’ll have to re-create them as the club link with be broken.

Also, we suggest not creating matches more than a month or two ahead as any changes we make to the website will be ineffective for previously created matches.

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@Steph_Marie Thanks for the education! I deleted everything except the current match. After this Saturday, I can either update that we are ready for the name change or create a new ticket. Your choice.

Thanks again, and on a Sunday too!

I’ll add it to my calendar to do the change next Sunday after your match on Saturday.

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Thank you!

All upcoming matches have been cleared out and we are ready when you are. Thanks again.

@Steph_Marie How long does it take to show up on the site?

Check now. It should be changed

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Perfect, thanks @Steph_Marie!