Club Membership requests show wrong requested date?

When I received an email notice or see new request for club membership when logged in as an admin many times it shows the request for membership was made months if not years ago when I know this is impossible as all requests had been addressed the week prior. Is there somthing i am missig? Could it be referencing a prior date they reqeusted membership and were denied? I tried to attach an image show to membership request made on the same day yet on show the request as made 6 months ago? Thanks


Are you the person who receives the emails that go to the club email? Any notifications go there.
Also because you are using a non traditional email for your PS account there is a good change that system emails do not get to you. It happens all the time with email hosts as large as aol, hotmail, yahoo etc. Smaller custom domains, it’s more prevalent.
Currently your club has one person who has requested a free club membership.
Also your setup for a free membership is requiring a custom start and end that requires an admin process it.

Yes, I am one of the administrators for our account. We use a specific club email address (part of our larger google account used for the overall club management) that a few of us receive and use as we manage our club membership, matches and events. The new membership requests have been consistently arriving via email from Practiscore so that end seems to be working fine. As shown in the image the first name shown states membership was requested 6 months ago and yet the email notice from Practiscore was sent the day prior. In last week or two we had one that showed the request was from 3 yrs. ago but we know the member had just requested membership that week. Thanks