Club Management UI enhancement request

When managing a match, on the sub-pages, I don’t get the same navigation controls as on the dashboard. It makes going back and forth between subpages, and between subpages & dashboard a problem. I have to keep using the dropdown in the top-right and selecting the club or the match again.

Additionally, the “View Dashboard” link on this page “Approve/View Shooters” is deceptive as it takes me to my personal dashboard, not this match’s dashboard

What management tasks are you trying to accomplish and maybe we can give you some direction on the way we do it or the way some of the other match directors on here do it.
“Approving shooters” ?
“Emailing the field”?
“Checking squads”?

It’s not specifically MD tasks i’m trying to achieve at all, it’s purely navigational UX problems i have.
I’m just clicking between stuff and I can’t go from approving shooters to the squadlist in a single click, or I can’t go from creating a schedule(squad) to the list to assign people. It’s always 3+ clicks and some frustration that a menu bar isn’t there away.

I have moved this to the “Ideas” section.
We will put these items on the list to be looked for when a major update might be done.