Club determines the membership number


It would really help us as a club and as a loacal shooting association if the practiscore website would allow the club manager to set a fixed ID number for each member. This ID number would be linked to the shootes account and would be autofilled in the match registration form when the registered club member applies to a public closed match.

With this added functionality the match organizer would have a better control over repeating matches as the ID number would be a controlled input.

We do hope this suggested functionality would be added to the practiscore website as we feel all organizers would benifit in the longrun.

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We do not use random membership numbers nor do we believe that work very well.
Everything used is based on the shooters email which is unique in all the world to them.
When a shooter registers it is with their email. The email can be found in the match csv file if a MD is looking for a list.

DJ - this is one reason I cannot transfer my club database to Practiscore. Our club issues a unique 5 digit membership ID number to every member which is the gate keycode for that member. It will not let us use email addresses as a key index in the database. And I have about 30 members with a shared email address. It is more common with older couples, but there are spouses who do not have separate email.

Sorry to hear that.
The email ID has proven to be the best for users to retain and more importantly remember. It allows us to accurately track results to the dashboard for the user AND the user can change their email and still have old results track via the “additional email” section.
Along with that the membership section was Never meant as true membership management system. Originally it was only there as a way for clubs to let their members simply pay their $20 dues through stripe. It has evolved somewhat but a real membership program is a huge system that we are not looking to undertake.
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Would it work to add an “Alternative ID” field to the system and let clubs use that field however serves them best while Practiscore maintains the Email as the “Primary” id?

That’s an idea that we can put on our list to discuss with the web team. Unfortunately implementation of that would have to be during a complete rebuild as it would have to be implemented every match type.