Classes & Categories don't show on IPad final results

I’m not able to see the classes or categories for the final results on the Ipad that I’m using. Only the Division is showing in the final results. If I send the results from my Ipad to a Kindle I’m able to see the classes for each division in the final results on the Kindle.
Categories will not show up on the Ipad either which they do on the Kindle. Is there a setting on the Ipad that I need to change to get the Classes and Categories to show in the final results?

Can you please be more specific on where you’re looking? Are you looking on the Practicscore website at posted results?
Are you looking at the master scoring tablet and you are a match director?
If it is a posted match do you have the actual name of the match so we can look on the website?

Yes, I am the MD for the match. I’m looking on the master scoring Ipad. When I look at results on the Ipad the classes don’t show up just division. Here is the link to my last match using the Kindle to post.

SCH .22 Rifle League Sept 2022 PRO Series Match | PractiScore

If you look at this page it has the class being showed using my Kindle. If I would have used the Ipad to post the scores only the Division would have showed.

Results posted from different apps look a bit different.

I’m posting from Practiscore. I’m not using a different app.

@Kevin_Flottmeyer PractiScore app for Android and PractiScore app for iOS are two different apps… at least until version 2.0 is released.

Can you look at this and see if the cloning or importing has something to do with this?

Hi Kevin,

Classes and categories are not used in NRL22. There’s no need for them to populate in the results so the NRL22 format is not coded to populate that data in the results.

Levi, as you know I’m not doing NRL22 matches and would like to know why the Ipad will not show the Classes & Categories, but the Kindle will. It doesn’t make sense why one app will and the other won’t.

As Eugene pointed out earlier in the conversation, the iOS app and the Android app operate with different coding. The NRL22 scoring format in the iOS app was not coded to display those columns because they are not needed for NRL22.

If you are not running NRL22 matches and need the classes or categories to be displayed, then perhaps you should use the long range rifle format, NRA Action format, or just post scores from the Android version of the app.

Ok Thank you for your time.