Class is not showing up when searching by state

I have created my first club and added a match for the class I am hosting.
It doesn’t come up when I search for it by state under matches.
Not sure if maybe I missed something?

Thanks for the help

Could you please share the direct links or the club name and the Event or Match name so we can take a look at them.

Thanks for the help!

The name of the hosting club would be helpful please.

So I tracked it all down…
In your club address you typed out Rhode Island. Google does not recognize that.
You can tell because it was placing your map location in Europe. I change it to RI and it fixed the map so I will bet that your location issues will clear up when the website reloads.

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Thanks for taking a look and adjusting for me. Much appreciated!

Hey D.J- It is still not showing up when searching by state. I have been having people sign up through the direct link in the meantime. Any other idea on how we can have this viewable? thx for the time and support

I believe that is it not going to be viewable with the search you want. The match was created with a bad address and even though we fixed the club address the match is coded with the bad address. Also the club geo map also has the bad address as the club was created at he same time, the same way.

I do have a club question, You created a club not with a club name but with a Match/Event name.
The name of the club is " Tim Herron- 2 day Practical Performance Class" That is not a normal club thing. What are your plans for a club with that name after the event is over?

Hey D.J,

This is all set now. Thanks for the support. Much appreciated!