Clarification regarding Stripe account creation

Our club Treasurer has set up our Stripe account to be able to process registration payments through PractiScore for our Carbine matches. He had a concern when reading through the set up descriptions:

“Practiscore Payments will be able to see your account data (such as all payment and payout history), including any data created by other businesses you’ve connected. They’ll also be able to create new payments and take other actions for you.

He particularly had a concern with that last sentence.

Can anyone clarify what Stripe is saying here? What do they mean by “other actions”?

Thank you.

I cannot speak on what Stripe is saying. Have your treasure call stripes customer service and ask them exactly what they mean.
We have accountants and treasurers working with them on clubs that have 3 and 4,000 members and we’ve never heard anything about that.

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