Chronograph Screen - Power Factor Changes

A few things I noticed at a recent Major Match.

  1. When a shooter does not make their stated power factor at Chronograph, the tablet does not flag that shooter’s registration unless the Chrono Officer marks their Power Factor change.

  2. When a shooter is marked sub-minor on the Chronograph “Stage” score screen, the PF changes to undefined, but the scores still show HF is still calculated at the stated PF. The shooter is only Zero’d for all stages once the PF is changed to Sub-Minor in the shooter registration (Shooters and Squads) page on the App.

  3. It would be nice to record if the shooter was utilizing USPSA certified match ammo and be able to image the paperwork at the chronograph station into the app so the Stats officier has that information if there is any future question. This is especially important when a competitor goes below their stated HF but they are using certified ammo and are still listed as their stated PF.

That is correct

I will need to see the match export file *.psc and names of competitors set to sub-minor. Please email at [email protected]

In my understanding the match ammo is not supposed to be chronographed. However there is a free-form comment field that RO can enter any notes, including invoice number for the match ammo.

Don’t think we can attach pictures to scores, but you can just take pictures with the tablet camera app and store them locally or on the private cloud account if there is connectivity at the range.