Chrono not updated for IDPA CCP

When will IDPA Chrono Stage be updated for CCP to reflect 105 power factor from 2022 rulebook vs 125 power factor from the 2017 version?

It is updated on Android, iOS and web. For iOS you must use the newest app version 1.744(3).
When creating a match you must choose the match type “IDPA (2022)” NOT the match type of just “IDPA”.

Because PF data is part of the match template, cloned old matches or matches created from the old IDPA template won’t have the new PFs.

I can make it work when creating a new match on tablet…how about when I have a major match that I import from Practiscore registration and am building the stages. I dont see how I change the match type to IDPA 2022.

You can create match on a tablet and then use option on the pin# import screen to pull your registration into a locally created match