Choosing between iOS and Android tablets with PS 2.0 on (or below) the horizon

Two local clubs are thinking to combine an order for 20 dedicated scoring tablets. There’s budget for iOS or Android devices. I’m wondering which to recommend. There’s a fairly even spread between OS of personal phones/tablets that were used to score recent competitions but differences between iOS and Android versions did create a few issues with new users. Nothing that couldn’t be quickly resolved (thanks Eugene!) - and results were up on the same day - that’s a bonus here in France where WinMSS paper scores are the norm for local matches.

There is no perfect hardware solution as explained here, however, the next major update will align PS UX and UI across both operating systems and undoubtedly a massive amount of work is going into this project.

We’re aiming for the best performance plus ease of use from hardware - Apple or Android? At present PS, PS Competitor, PS Log are optimized for Android. Will this remain true when 2.0 is up?

I am not sure what is being asked. The PractiScore 2.0 apps is still being worked on (can’t provide an ETA yet). In the 2.0 apps the features and UX will be nearly identical on all supported platforms.

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I’m not sure what’s being asked either…

In future, will make coffee before posting!

If I might read between the lines, the question might be:
Is there a developer preference for scoring tablet OS?

I’m sure each has its pluses and minuses.

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Not for PractiScore 2.0 apps.

But don’t expect the iOS app to run on devices from 2014 like iPad Air gen 1 or iPad gen 4. See reference at iOS version by device — iOS Ref

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Thank you for paraphrasing, TKH :wink: :+1: