Changing URL webpage name to Match a Cloned Match's New Name

If I clone a match to utilize its elements for next year, then rename it, despite changing and retaining the new Match Name field, the cloned match still partially retains the URL name of its predecessor indicating it is a clone, along with the new name,. (eg: Presuming that the “Clone Match” function is a short-cut devised to avoid creating a new match from scratch (as opposed to backing up), is there a way to have the URL page name match the new match name without reference to being a clone of a previous year? C.L.

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Hi Chris,
You are correct that a cloned match contains part of the original url.
It looks like that you have one big match that you are talking about cloning for setup and registration.
Cloning can be helpful to some people but personally I never use it. In the amount of time it took me to read your post and to write this post I could have built the complete match for next year from scratch with squads built out and everything.
The reality is that Practiscore takes 5 to 10 minutes to build a match, the registration and the squad list. When cloning I have helped many people who did not get all the pertinent dates and times changed.
Please choose the way that suits you for creating matches and we will help either way if you have problems.
D. J.


The default name of a cloned match is “‘old match name’ Clone”. This impacts the URL. If you try to change the name of the new match after using ‘Clone Match’ to create it, the URL remains the same. However, during the ‘Clone Match’ process you can change the match name (e.g. - from ‘Turkey Shoot 2019’ to ‘Turkey Shoot 2020’). This will cause the URL to reflect the new match name.

  • Paul

Paul and D.J.,
Thank you both so much for the VERY quick responses. I agree that it is easy to just build the new match from the bottom up, and normally would. But I had cloned this one a while back, tweaked it a bit for this year, and was getting ready to open it tomorrow to start registration when I noticed the “…clone…” url. Paul’s diagnosis and solution was right on point- I had indeed cloned, then renamed later. So I simply cloned the clone, and renamed it during the cloning, and voila’-- properly-named URL. Nice. Thank you.
Chris L.