Changing profile picture on practiscore

Every time I upload a new photo it defaults to the first photo I uploaded. Anybody run into this? Any way around it ? Thank you

I just went to my public profile, clicked “edit image”, clicked the upload box, chose a different image from my hard drive, cropped & uploaded the image, The screen reloaded and the new image was there.
All working correctly.
What device are you using? What browser are you using? Are you missing a step?

Using an iPhone 13 Pro on google chrome, it will let me go through all the steps but my profile picture stays the same

I would suggest trying a different browser or different device.
I originally changed/tested mine on my desktop. I just now changed it again on my Android phone.

I figured out the issue. The photo was of me shooting sporting clays, and that must violate terms and conditions as far as profile picture goes