Changing number of scored hits on ICORE targets when building stages not working on newer iOS devices

When building a stage using the latest iOS (14.6) and Practiscore (v1.736(1)) updates on either my newer iPad or iPhone 10, I cannot change the number of hits using the “tap to increment or tap and hold to reset” feature. It works on other disciplines that I experimented with, USPSA, IDPA, and Hit Factor. It also works on my older iPad with iOS 10…3.3. and on my Android devices (Kindle Fire).

When I try to tap the number of hits to increase from the default of 2, nothing happens. When I tap and hold to reset, nothing happens.

I’m wondering if this is a system glitch that only shows up on ICORE stages.


Hi Michael
I have just downloaded the iOS app to my 7th gen iPad and the hits button isn’t working in the ICORE match. I have a friend who tried it on an Android with the same results. It appears it is only the ICORE because the IPSC is working fine. I have read some other reviews on this site that say the same thing. It seems this has been going on for some time. It has been a few years since I used PractiScore and a few things have changed. Even the support system has changed. I used to be able to email the tech guy to get things fixed, now it seems, like everything they have swapped to a public forum and nothing gets fixed. It’s a shame, it’s a very good app, that’s usually very easy to use. I hope they fix it soon.
Julie O

Julie, I not really sure what to say about your rant or what things specifically are not being fixed.

You also making a statement based on someone’s else words. It your friend stumbled upon an issue in Android app, he need to contact us directly about it instead of using you as a middle man. Besides I cannot confirm that on Android and if there is an issue we will need more details in order to address it.


How do I contact someone about the issue I’m having with changing the hits on ICORE stages in the newer versions of iPads and iPhones IOS as I initially mentioned?



You already did. The ios developer will be looking at if if he hasn’t already. Is that the only issue you need to be fixed?

Yes sir,



I’ve got new messages to the iOS developers.
We have fixed the Icore problem twice in the last few months. It seems like something with the Apple updates are causing issues. Hopefully the guys will have time on their plate to look into it this week.

Thank you!


There is a new version submitted to iOS store.
It is 1.737.
This should fix the problem for now. It should be live in the next few days.

Good Morning EUXX
Firstly, my apologies if I have upset or offended anyone. I was not speaking specifically about this site when I mentioned not fixing things. I was talking generally about other sites where you don’t usually get heard. Again I apologise. I am not the middle man for anyone. The problem I am talking about is mine. I downloaded the Practiscore app last Saturday so I could use it to score our ICORE match. I have an iPad 7, the download went fine and I was able to set the stages etc… however when I went to score the stage the hits/shot button would not work all the other scoring buttons seemed to be working fine. I had a friend with me and he downloaded the app onto his iPhone and the same problem occurred. We also tried it on the Android tablet but it wouldn’t work. There are no problems if you want to score other disciplines e.g. IPSC, the problem only seems to be when using it for ICORE. I removed the app and downloaded it several times to see if it would self-correct, however I had no success.
Can you please advise me of what to do next.
Julie O

If you see my post from yesterday you will notice a new version of the app has been made available. Vesion 1.737.
It has been tested to be corrected and work properly for scoring targets on the new iOS updates.

Hi D.J.,

The problem does not seem to be fixed. The problem is not about scoring targets, but is in the Build Stages section. I have IOS 14.7 and Practiscore version 1.737 (just updated it)

When you add a target to stage, it defaults to 2 required hits. You cannot change this by doing the tap to increment or tap and hold to reset. This makes it difficult to set up different required hits on targets when building a stage.



will take a look at this again.
Formerly the scoring box was doing this.

@djpetrou it look similar to scoring box, but I confirmed that changing hits on the target configuration screen under stage configuration screen didn’t work for me in the iOS app.

BUT, I can not confirm that it is not working in the Android app. I tried both HF (IPSC/USPSA) and ICORE match types.

If there is an issue in the Android app I need more details in order to reproduce. E.g. the Android app version, the match export file *.psc where issue is happening, device model, version of Android device is running at, etc. Maybe even a video to help understand and reproduce issue. That all could be emailed at [email protected]

Hi there,

It seems to be working ok on my android devices (Kindle Fire). The only issue I have it with new iOS versions. Version1.737 works fine on my older iPad running iOS 10.3.3.



As far as I was aware your Android system was working fine on icore.

This stuff was all iOS.

First it was the scoring window boxes weren’t working and now it’s the build the window boxes.

Thank you for your assistance, the IOS app for ICORE is working great.

Currently running iOS 14.7.1 and PractiScore 1.738(10) and it is still not working. Tried to setup the postal match and you can’t do it.the 7 targets have different hits and multiplier for each.

I will continue to communicate with you via email about this issue.
At this time, on a Sunday morning, I have no more info than our last email communique, sorry.

Works good now. Thanks for your efforts!