Changing hits when entering scores during a match

While scoring a stage I can only add hits. If a mistake is made and I try to hold down on it to get it back to zero it adds another hit, and the target score bar stays red. The only way I can make changes is to completely back out of the whole thing and re-enter everything. What am I doing wrong?



Hi Ian!

What type of device(s) are you using, and are they current on updates?

What match type is the match being scored under?

Hey everyone, I have same problem with scoring. Version of PS 1.733, iPad mini 4, IPSC Match type. Is anybody have solution for this problem?

Same details. Same problem here.

Solved. The ‘tap and hold’ functionality got moved/changed. It’s no longer on the individual score/miss/penalty box but instead is for the whole target line. Tap on T1, T2, etc… and it blanks that whole target line. Then that targets scores can be re-entered.