Changed email and previous registrations not showing

Had several upcoming match registrations. Changed to a new email address - [email protected]. These registrations disappeared from my dashboard and when I tried to login with the old email - [email protected] it was not recognized. Added the old email as a secondary but my registered matches still do not appear.

Do a hard refresh on your browser and I’ll bet you they will start showing up.

Thanks for the suggestion but no luck. Cleared history, cache, and did hard reset (of safari). Matches I’m registered for still do not appear and can’t log in with old email.

I’ll look at your account today.

Here is what I see when I log in as you.
If something is missing please share what it is so we can look at it.
If it has everything but you cannot see it then you should be looking into your browser.
as far as your old email, you will not be able to log in with it as your account now has your gmail as your primary.

That’s exactly what I see. Missing two matches I’ve registered for - Lake County Battle in the Berms II and South Florida Defensive Challenge. Worries they may think I’ve withdrawn.

Robert, You are indeed registered for those matches.
You are registered with the old email.
My suggestion is to log in and go to the match via the match mgt. email you received for each. Change your email to the correct one.
IF the MD has disabled reg changes then reach out to them to change the email.

Depending on when you registered vs when you changed your email around the system my have missed it.

I can ask the developers to look into it but it will take weeks for that to happen.

Appreciate your checking that. There is one more - Florida State Championship. I forgot I’d registered for that one also and now I have two reservations under my name and number (A1000109). I’ve emailed the match director to withdraw and refund me on the second registration. Tried the match link to South Florida Defensive Challenge as you suggested. Did not work so I’ll have to contact each director to change email.