Change "type" of match


I share MD responsibilities with another individual. We have had to alter our pre-registration policies in light of restrictions on numbers of shooters (running multiple squads/heats to abide by state social-distancing mandates). At his urging, I cloned our recent USPSA match keep the pre-registration format (and pre-pay option) for my upcoming Steel Challenge match.

However, there is no way to change the type of match within the tools. I can try to select a different affiliation, but the match will still show up as an USPSA level 1, and I have to manually add the divisions. I am afraid this will have consequences for competitors once I go to upload scores. I do not want to clear out the current form and start fresh, since that would mean contacting our registered shooters (yet again!) and asking them to register for the third time.

Any assistance on changing the match type much appreciated!

To clarify:

For a new match, I could choose affiliation as “Steel Challenge: Default” and it would make it a Steel Challenge match. For this cloned match, that is no longer an option under affiliation. Can share more screenshots as necessary.

I’d suggest to just create a new match and select steel challenge match template/affiliation.

For registration you can export shooters from your previous USPSA match and then import them into a newly created SC match. Though might have to edit exported CSV spreadsheet to match columns required for import as shown on the registration import page.

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Will that work for the folks who pre-paid? If so I’ll just do that.

And thanks for the reply!

Not sure about payment. You might have to approve them manually, depending on your match settings. Can also remove people from CSV spreadsheet before importing them.

Fundamentally SC and USPSA are very different matches and just changing match type won’t work well.

The issue is the payment, and not having to re-enter everyone’s registration information. The divisions for the cloned match were manually entered, so I guess I need to re-type everything and manually enter it – I was looking for a work-around to change the match type.

I have no issue setting up a steel challenge match (or a USPSA one). The issue is the convoluted structure for squadding, start times, and pre-payment (which we do not normally process). Replicating that manually is the headache.

Thanks for trying!

Unfortunately you may have to go trough replicating step for each of the match type. Then you could clone.

Eugene is correct that you will have to create a Steel challenge match from scratch. You cannot clone a match of one match type then attempt to change it to another match type.
The reality is it should take you less then 10 minute to create the match you need and maybe an extra 5-10 minutes to move existing shooters. It is really easy to export the spreadsheet of the shooters (of which you have 8) and Then export an empty spreadsheet from the new match. Cut the correct column of info (say, the shooters names) and paste it in the correct column in the empty sheet. (Doing it this way virtually guarantees that the column headers will be correct.) Then Import the new spreadsheet into the new match…viola!!!

Thanks – followed those steps up until the “Import,” where the selected file fails to upload. I’ll try another browser, then give up and email it.

And victory, of a sort, thanks for the assistance.