Change "support" link on PS to "open in new tab"

Please update support hyperlink to open in new tab so using this forum to help with site is better.


If you right click on the “support” link, you can select “open in new tab”. For most browsers, it automatically defaults to opening in a new tab.

Android motorola g7 does not default.

Then open a new tab in your browser and have the support page opened on that.

I am a web developer, that is why I am telling the PS web manager that the link wasnt setup properly. Otherwise it would work on every browser.

Any further response from you is just silly at this point. Unless you are the web developer, it’s above your pay grade.

It is a matter of personal preference… Personally I don’t like when web developers make that decision for me when link opens in a new tab or window.

Even on Android or iOS, the long tap on the link allows you to open it in a new tab/window as needed.

The issue is in seamless navigation of the PS site. Especially on a site that will try to resubmit info on certain pages, which PS does (sponsor listing process for example.)

If you take me to a completely different domain you need to let me know before I click it.

This is 101 skillz for web design folks. Why is this community so stubborn about fixing all (any?) the goofs on the site?

When attempting to utilize a support resource, we are pulled away from what we need help with. Then to go back and try to remember our crumb path find where we were at on PS to begin with is just silly.

If you say so… I don’t work on the website but I much prefer to have decision about opening any new tabs in my own hands. Like I said, ctrl-click or long tap on mobile is a commonly known behavior.

PS: look at the wikipedia website. Their references section with all yhe 3xternal links don’t open new tabs and I like that a lot too