Capitalization of names?

First post asking for help. I’ve done the responsible thing and searched for “Capitalize” and “Capitalization” before asking, so sorry if this is covered somewhere else and I just missed it.

At some point there was a feature in the iOS version of the PractiScore app that allowed you to fix the capitalization of competitors’ names. For whatever reason many competitors in my area have broken SHIFT keys and are either unable to capitalize their own names properly, or worse, they have broken CAPS LOCK keys rendering their names entirely in upper case. This lovely feature in iOS allowed me to compensate for the massive number of broken keyboards in my area.

The work flow was
*Import the match into my iPhone
*Fix capitalization
*Sync my personal Kindle to my iPhone
*Build stages
*Check in competitors
*Sync squad tablets
*Shoot/Score match
*Sync all tablets back to my personal Kindle
*Sync Kindle to iPhone (no internet on my Kindle and no WiFi)
*Post to PractiScore

I can’t find the capitalization feature any more.

Has it been deleted? If so can it be restored?
Has it been moved? If so, can someone tell me where it is hiding?
Did I dream up this feature and it exists only in my imagination? If so, can someone add it?
And can it also be added to Android? Or located on Android and pointed out to me?

For whatever reason, it looks unprofessional to me to see our scores posted to the PractiScore website with improper capitalization, and I’m really tired of griping at my competitors to replace their obviously broken keyboards.

It’s still there in iOS under the shooters/squads menu. You may need to click on the Divisions/Classes/Categories/Settings button to expand the menu.

Thank you so much!!! I did as you said and clicked on the Divisions/Classes/Categories/Settings line and it’s there.

Is there a similar function in the Android version?

Not currently. Will be reviewed for the new PractiScore app.