Can't score more than 7 shooters on iPhone 8

Our practice group often shoots the IDPA 5x5 classifier. When more than 7 of us shoot, I can’t score the 8th shooter. When I scroll down, I can see the shooter, but when I lift my finger to select that shooter, the display scrolls down and I can’t see or select him.

I had to shuffle the shooting order until I could select what was the 8th shooter, which is not ideal, to say the least.

One of the guys has an Android phone, and the problem doesn’t occur on his phone.

You are trying to use an iPhone and not a tablet? I want to make sure before I try to test anything

Yes, it’s an iPhone 8. I don’t have an iPad

I’m having a similar problem using Practiscore Competitor.

When I perform a search for 'squad1" to list all the shooters in squad 1, I can only see the first 8 shooters. I can’t scroll any farther to view shooters lower on the list.

@Jax_Swannie for PractiScore Competitor app support please email [email protected] and specify details for the match you are viewing, device you are running app on and iOS version you have on that device.

I am suspicious that it’s your device then because two different applications are having the same problem

euxx - Actually, I emailed [email protected] on March 11th, 2019 about this problem, but never got a response.

@Gary_Swanson thank you for the email. No idea how you emailed that one, but my response with default “reply-all” back then haven’t been sent to your email address. I asked exactly same questions back then. Received your email now and double checked I replied to the right email address now.

Thanks. I’ve replied to your email.

I have a fix for this in Practiscore iOS. I will submit it for review today. It may be Monday before I can release the fix in the wild, but you can join test flight to use our beta builds.

Sign up here to use test builds:

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Your beta build works fine. Thank you very much