Can't get matches to show in search from a specific site

I am trying to see matches to be held at BORCC but the only match that populates the search is their June IDPA match. I see by their own calendar they have a USPSA and Steel Challenge coming up in June but I can not find them on here so I can sign up. Ideas on how to fix this issues? I have logged in on 3 different devices as well as tried searching without being logged in and nothing will show me these matches.

Upon searching for b o r c c these are the clubs that come up. The USPSA Club has one match and the IDPA Club has one match I see nothing else that has been listed by them. You should contact them at their Club website and ask.

Those are previous events. The only upcoming event is the 1 IDPA.

Correct, which means if there are any other upcoming matches they are hosting they have not listed them on practiscore